Using your Enclave Audio Home Theater System

Customer Service posted this on Feb 1, 2016

 1. On Screen Display


  • The On Screen display is the main source for system control. All system commands and settings are accessible through the    On Screen display. An HDMI connection out from the Enclave Smart Center to your TV is REQUIRED to view the On Screen display, regardless of the input source being used.

2. Powering On and Off

  • After you're finished with the initial placement you simply need to press the POWER button on the remote control to turn the Enclave Audio CineHome HD Smart Center on and off. The Enclave Audio  Wireless Smart Center quickly starts up with the press of the POWER button. When the Enclave Audio CineHome HD Smart Center is powered off, the system speakers automatically go into a low-power standby  state with any selected HDMI input when powered down will be passed through to the TV speakers.

  3. Changing Volume

  • To change the current system volume, push the top or bottom of the rocker pad on the remote control or Smart Center. You’ll see the status update on the screen of the television.


  • VOL UP  — Pressing the top of the rocker pad increases  the volume.  Pressing and holding quickly increases the volume.
  • VOL DOWN — Pressing the bottom of the rocker pad decreases the volume.  Pressing and holding quickly decreases the volume.
  • MUTE — Toggles mute on and off.


  • To change the volume of individual speaker channels, Press the top or bottom rocker pad on the remote or the Smart Center to enter the volume control state and quickly press the RIGHT rocker pad to select through the Subwoofer, Center and Rear speaker volume controls. You may adjust the individual gain of the channel by hitting the UP or DOWN on the rocker pad while the respective channel volume control is being displayed on screen (i.e. Subwoofer, Center, Rears)

4. Selecting a Source

  • To change the current input source,  press the corresponding button on the remote control/keypad.  You’ll see the choice reflected on the on screen display:
  • Source     Remote Button(s)     On Screen Display
  • HDMI 1     INPUT & SELECT         HDMI1
  • HDMI 2     INPUT & SELECT         HDMI2
  • HDMI 3     INPUT & SELECT         HDMI3
  • Optical      INPUT & SELECT         OPTICAL
  • AUX          INPUT & SELECT         AUX


5. Menu

  • To enter the menu, press MENU on the remote control or Smart Center keypad.  Press MENU again or UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW on the remote control/keypad to choose between the menu items. Press ENTER/OK to select the current menu item. At any time, press MENU to return to the main screen.
  • Note:  The Enclave Audio CineHome HD automatically sets up the system at power-up.  The options provided in the menus are for additional fine tuning, and are not required for use.


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