System Troubleshooting

Customer Service posted this on Feb 1, 2016

If you have any trouble setting up your system, please try the following or email support, submit a ticket or give us a call at 844.436.2528 and our support team we'll be happy to work with you through any Enclave technical issue requiring resolve.

Resetting the Smart Center to Factory Default:

Please do the following:

1.    Unplug the power to the smart center
2.    Hold down the RIGHT nav button on the 4 way switch on top
3.    Insert the power and keep the RIGHT nav button held down until you see the LED blink one time
4.    The smart center is now hard reset to factory default.
5.     Power the smart center on, wait for report on speakers.

Manually resetting/clearing the pairing memory of an individual speaker:

To reset the speakers, simply hold in the reset button located on the rear of the speaker using a pointed instrument (button is recessed) just above the power connector until you hear an audible tone. That tone signals a cleared memory. The subwoofer will not produce a tone, however simply holding it in for 5 seconds or longer will suffice to clear the memory

After starting the system the system is failing to produce audio from my connected sources.

All speakers must be powered on when the Enclave Audio CineHome HD is started. If they are not powered on, they will not produce sound.  The system shows only the speakers it can find. Check and make sure all speakers are powered and the rear LED’s are illuminated in constant and not flashing.

This message appears if the system could not find any or all speakers.

To fix, follow these steps:

Power off the Enclave Audio Smart Center with the power button on the remote control.

Power ON the Enclave Audio Smart Center with the power button on the remote control and allow 30 seconds for the system to boot properly.

1. Select MENU on the remote/keypad

2. Select/Scroll to SPEAKER SETUP on the On Screen Menu and hit ENTER/OK

3. Select RESET WIRELESS and wait approximately 15-20 second for confirmation on screen.

You can also test each speaker for audio individually by following the below:

Note:  Enter MENU/Speaker Settings to find this option.

If you are not hearing audio from any speaker, you can test if the issue is a connected source or cable issue by conducting a NOISE SEQUENCE TEST.

1. Select MENU on the remote/keypad

2. Select/Scroll to SPEAKER SETUP on the On Screen Menu and hit ENTER/OK

3. Select NOISE SEQUENCE and wait approximately 15-20 as the speakers individually produce noise to insure they are active and paired..

The Noise Sequence generator can also be used to confirm the automatic setup of the speakers and insure all speakers are present and working correctly.

When entering the Noise Sequence generator,  a static, white noise sound is emitted in a round robin style through all speakers in the system, one at a time.If all speakers emit a sound, the Enclave is functional and your input menu settings, source connection cable, or source device is the issue as the Enclave has successfully paired with each speaker and each speaker is producing sound.


If you are missing speakers, getting static, or having issues with speakers staying connected, read below:

While WiSA technology does a fantastic job of co-existing with traditional WiFi, system performance can be affected by a couple things.

1) Make sure you do not have a WiFi router, access point, or WiFi booster immediately adjacent to any speaker in the system or the Smart Center/CineHub transmitter. Allow a reasonable distance of several feet as to avoid any potential degradation of performance as a result of the  wireless networks conflicting . It's a bit like someone directly shouting in your ear while you are trying to have a conversation with someone else. If you find this issue occurring, simply move the router/access point/booster that is close to the Enclave system component a reasonable distance away and reset the CineHub/Smart Center transmitter by pulling power and restoring it allowing the CineHub/Smart Center to rediscover the speakers anew and give the transmitter a fresh start. Once done, simply power on the Smart Center/CineHub.

2) If the above is not your issue and you have reasonable distance (more than 3-4 feet) from any speaker in the system, or the CineHub, your router may use a feature called DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection). It's advised that function be disabled as it can affect WiSA system performance. DFS settings can usually be found in the Administration panel of a WiFi Router. If you're unsure how to access the admin panel of your router, reach out to your internet provider/router manufacturer for assistance with how to disable DFS. Once done, simply pull the power on the CineHub/Smart Center, re-insert it allowing the speakers to be rediscovered, and power on the unit after that process in complete.

I am using a DVD or Blu-ray disc or connected device (Cable Box, Dish, Streaming Device, etc) that has surround sound, but I am only hearing audio out the left front and right front speakers

Make sure your Blu-ray or DVD player or connected device is properly setup to send surround information out of the HDMI or digital ports. For systems using HDMI, the best performance is "Bitstream" mode.  For systems using optical out, make sure the system is sending out Dolby Digital or DTS, not "downmix" or "PCM." Please refer to your player's installation manual for detailed  instructions.

Dolby Digital streams are commonly sent via broadcasters, but this does NOT mean they are using all 6 Channels of audio.It's quite common to see a Dolby Digital stream that only contains 2 channels of audio (Left and Right front). If your noise sequence test confirms all speakers are working, it is the content that is the source of the "missing" audio channels.

When the On Screen display shows "A speaker is missing", that means it is not receiving any audio from a speaker in your system and is not connected

Check the following:

1. That all of your speakers are connected to the proper respective power adaptors and the tips securely plugged into the rear speaker power port. Be sure to check that the opposite end is firmly connected to your primary power source (wall, power strip, etc).

2. Is the rear panel LED illuminated at all?

3. Is the rear panel LED flashing?

4. If the LED is constant, and the rest of the system is working, please call Enclave Support at 844-436-2528 for further assistance.

The speaker assignments are backwards. The left sound is coming from the right speaker or vice versa.

This happens only you have misplaced the front or rear speakers. Make  sure your Right and Left placement (both front and rear) is done in relation to you Front Facing your television, not from the televisions perspective looking out to the room.

Important Safety Information

• Read and follow all instructions, warnings and cautions when connecting  the Enclave Audio Cinehome HD Smart Center and associated Enclave Audio speakers

Keep these instructions for future reference.

• Do not install near any sources such as Radio transmitters, WiFi routers, radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other equipment that produce heat or signiicant RF..

• Protect all cords from being walked on, pulled excessively, or pinched, particularly at plugs and the point where they exit from the Home Enclave Smart Center or system speakers.

• Only use attachments/accessories specified by Enclave Audio.

• Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.  Servicing is required when the Enclave Audio CineHome HD Smart Center or associated Enclave Audio speakers have been damaged in any way, such as the power-supply  cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled, objects have fallen into them, they have been  exposed  to rain or moisture, do not operate normally, or have been  dropped.


Enclave Audio customer support is available Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm. Support requests will generally be responded to within 24 hours of receipt (or the next business day in some cases) and are handled in the order received. All technical support requests will be responded to via e-mail or through the ticketing system based on first come first serve basis. Once the specific issue is identified,Enclave may elect to escalate the issue  to our Tier 2 Phone support team. In this event, the team will reach out to schedule an appointment as these call are by appointment only. This is so we can properly schedule the necessary time required to fully support our customer requests based on their specific issue. Under the SUPPORT tab on the website you can visit the Enclave Audio Knowledge Base to find helpful technical information. If you are unable to find the information by searching our knowledge base, you can initiate an Enclave support request via email or by submitting a ticket via the SUPPORT or CONTACT US tab or via phone at 844-436-2528. and we will respond on a first come, first serve basis to establish and start the process to resolve your issue. Note: While we will do our best to accommodate our customer requests, we cannot offer assistance or technical support for 3rd party manufactured hardware, nor is our staff enabled or trained to assist with a customer request on how to install, use, or operate 3rd party products, devices, connections, cabling, or offer any recommendations of the same. We appreciate your understanding and we do recommend reading the user manual prior to operating the system so you can fully enjoy your Enclave Audio CineHome experience.


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