Setup and Installation for 5.1 and 5.2 configurations

Customer Service posted this on Feb 1, 2016

Installation and Setup for 5.1 configuration

You can view step by step setup videos here:



Follow these instructions to initially setup and use the Enclave Audio Wireless Smart Center 5.2 configuration, remote control, and your Enclave wireless speakers.

Check out our video to see the setup in action at:

 5.2 (dual subwoofer) configurations require the current firmware version of 148. If you have not done so as recommended on the box, you can learn how to update your firmware by clicking here:

1. Place Your Speakers

     1.  Arrange your speakers as shown in the “Speaker Placement”  section.

     2. Make sure the center speaker is centered above or below the television screen.


2 . Connect Power and Sources to the Enclave Audio Smart Center.

     1.Plug in all power adaptors to the rear connector on each speaker BEFORE plugging into wall outlets.

     2.Plug in all speakers into wall outlets

     3. Plug in the Enclave Audio SmartCenter using the supplied power adapter.

     4. Connect your audio and video sources to the Enclave Audio Smart Center

     5. If using HDMI, also connect  the HDMI Out to one of the television’s HDMI inputs for video pass-through.


3. Power Up.

     A. Press POWER on the remote control or the Smart Center control panel on top of the speaker.

     B. The speakers will automatically pair. When turning the system on for the very first time, it may take up to 30 seconds for the system network to be established. The display shows “Please Wait while validating system configuration” until complete.

     C. The system will confirm ALL SPEAKERS OK when setup is successfully completed.

     D. System will default to the first HDMI input used as a startup source.


4. General Speaker Placement Tips and Hints


     1. Where should I place the front speakers?

      The front speakers should be placed equal to the center speaker.


     2. Where should I place the rear speakers?

     The rear surround speakers should be equal distance apart, parallel to the front speakers behind the viewers position.


     3. Where should I place the subwoofer?


     The recommended position of the subwoofer is placed on the floor to the right and/or left of the viewing screen. You can try various positions in the room however, based on your personal preference. There's not one size fits all solution.


     4. I set everything up, but the locations aren't working correctly.

     Please be certain that your speakers are placed properly in accordance with the included placement diagram. 

Note:  The system works best with the left and right speakers either even with or in front of the center channel speaker.


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