Speaker Placement

Customer Service posted this on Feb 1, 2016

To get the best audio reproduction from surround-sound encoded material, Dolby and DTS recommend you place the speakers in a configuration most similar to the following diagram.



Speaker Placement Diagram



General Speaker Placement Tips and Hints

 1. Where should I place the front speakers?

       The front speakers should be placed equal to the center speaker.


2. Where should I place the rear speakers?

     The rear surround speakers should be equal distance apart, parallel to the front speakers behind the viewers position.


3. Where should I place the subwoofer?

     The subwoofer should be placed on the floor to the right or left of the viewing screen.


To adjust the volume of the subwoofer, use the Speaker Volume menu item (see the "Speaker Volume Settings" in the Menu section for more details).


4. I set everything up, but the locations aren't working correctly.


     Please be certain that your speakers are placed properly in accordance with the included placement diagram. 


Note:  The system works best with the left and right speakers either even with or in front of the center channel speaker.


Note:  DO NOT place the left and right speakers behind the front plane  of the center speaker.


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